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  • Magnesite

  • China Magnesium oxide for fertilizer with own magnesite mine.

  • 0-100mm, powder mesh: 60-400mesh, normal size 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, 400mesh, customized size.

Magnesite Brief Description

 Other Name  Baudisserite, giobertite 
 Raw Material  Natural magnesite mine 
 CAS  13717-00-5 
 Color  White color
 Size: lump size  0-100mm, powder mesh: 60-400mesh, normal size 100mesh, 200mesh,325mesh, 400meshcustomized size
 Purity  41% 43% 45% 47%
 OEM  Yes
 Grade Standard  Agriculture Grade, Electron Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade, Reagent Grade, Building Material Grade, Fertilizer Grade, Flame retardant Grade, Rubber Grade, Plastic Grade, Paint Grade
 Magnesite Application  Flame retardant, fire resistance, refractory, fertilizer, desulfurizer, soil conditioner, magnesium hydroxide fertilizer, rubber and plastic additives, environmental protection, fireproof coating, heavy metal removal


Product Features

  • The chemical composition is MgCO3, and the crystal belongs to the carbonate mineral of the trigonal system.
  • Obvious grainy or cryptocrystalline dense block.
  • White or off-white, iron-containing yellow to brown, glass luster, porcelain magnesite has a shell-shaped fracture.
  • Morse hardness is 3.5 ~ 4.5, and specific gravity is 2.9 ~ 3.1.


Product Manufacturing

Production Condition: explore from natural underground magnesite mine.


Application in ceramic industry

Hard-burned magnesium obtained by calcining magnesite at 1400 ~ 1800 ℃, and then molten magnesium oxide or fused magnesium oxide by calcination at 2500 ~ 3000 ℃, which has good stability, high hardness and strong chemical resistance 、 High resistivity and almost no chemical reaction with water and other characteristics, used as insulation and advanced refractory materials, making magnesium crucibles and refractory furnace tubes, etc. Utilizing the low thermal expansion coefficient of lightly burned magnesium, it is used as a calcined mixed material in the ceramic industry. Ceramic products and high-temperature-resistance. High-strength ceramic parts required for the manufacture of cutting-edge defense industries, such as high-temperature-resistant special ceramic sheets for jet aircraft and rocket combustion chamber nozzles. 


Application in building materials industry

Magnesite is used as a binder in the building materials industry. Magnesite can be made into magnesium-containing cement (called Solair cement). This cement has high cohesiveness and plasticity, and its setting time is short. The organic substance has a strong binding force, and it is very hard and beautiful in color after hardening. It is suitable for building decoration; while it is used as a building materials, it has good thermal insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation and grinding performance, and its hardness and elasticity are better than ordinary cement; light burnt magnesium add appropriate amount of sawdust, wood chips, sand, etc. to make floors, step boards, particle boards, foam cement, magnesium-containing plaster, paints, artificial grindstones and grinding wheel cement, as well as stone, slate, stone walls, stone columns, artificial marble and other buildings Materials and decorative materials are widely used in house construction.


Magnesite Spefication

MgO %

SiO2 %

CaO %

Fe2O3 %

Al2O3 %

Loi %




















 25kg/bag  50kg/bag  1ton/big bag  1.1ton/big bag  1.2ton/big bag  
 25kg/bag+pallet;  50kg/bag+pallet;  1ton/big bag, 2BBs/pallet;  1.1ton/big bag, 2BBs/pallet;  1.2ton/big bag, 2BBs/pallet; Bulk shipment 



Our Advantages 




Q: Are you factory or trading company?
 A: We are factory, also own independent import and export right.  
Q: Where is your factory located in?
A: We are located in Dandong, Liaoning. world biggest and best MgOH and MgO ore base.
Q: Could you provide sample for test before mass production?
A: Yes, we can send free samples to you.
Q:What's your payment terms?

A:T/T, L/C, Secure Payment.
Q:Can you accept OEM?
A: Yes.
Q:How can I get your exact quotation?

A: Pls inform us the purity, packing, particle size and quantity.



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